1:1 Design Build

This studio was an exploration of detail, structure, fabrication, user needs, and sustainable design in human scale objects. The vehicle for our exploration was a series of objects designed and constructed for the architecture building lawn and patio. We were challenged to solve many problems that are not typically considered in studio, among them materials, color, finish, construction details, fastener types, and real world structure. All of these needed to be solved for a successful outcome.

Our “Object for Sitting” blends in perfectly with the landscape and uses the topography of the site to create various combinations of chairs and benches. By using the slope of the hill, natural sitting positions were created such as a back rest at the lower part of the object. The parallel double bench allows couples or a group of people to rest, or even interact in various different ways. We spent considerable time in the woodshop gaining competency with the tools and techniques, and fabricating the final pieces.

1:1 Design Build
Timber Construction, Details

University of Illinois
Supervisor: Prof. John Stallmeyer
Chair: Design and Construction
Team: Kayla Peck, Xian Wang