LUCA University Campus

In the Nigerian mega-city of Lagos, kilometre-wide slums stretch along the lagoon. Industrial areas and tankers characterize the image of the port city, which, however, is developing from a rough industrial city into a young metropolis with a lively startup scene. The site of the urban design lies between an industrial port in the west and slums in the north and south. Abandoned industrial halls and tanks bear witness to the former use of the oil tank farm on the site.

The future model of the site is a heterogeneous university campus combining living, working and studying. The focus is on exchange between learners, teachers, companies and residents. Barriers disappear: Different cultural and social classes are connected and informal dialogue is strengthened. In the urban planning of the design, communication is promoted by a cross-campus pedestrian bridge and public ground floor zones in each building. Campus users share knowledge in public plazas (event hubs) and quiet retreats (monastery learning). Unsealed green spaces and playgrounds not only serve the recreation for residents, but function according to the sponge principle: Accumulating water is absorbed and slowly released into groundwater and the surrounding area to prevent site-specific flooding.

The conservation, adaptation and transformation of the existing industrial buildings bear witness to the history of the site and allow for the flexible continued use of the existing building fabric. The buildings draw on Nigerian building traditions. Original building techniques and materials such as rammed earth and wood are translated into the modern context. Instead of individually sustainable buildings, the campus is defined by an overarching sustainability concept. By involving the surrounding neighborhood and the positive impact of the new district, the campus is becoming an urban catalyst for the metropolis.  

Urban Planning, Education, Sustainability

Technical University of Berlin
Supervisor: Prof. Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV)
Chair: Design and Construction