Psychological Zones

Semi-Zones are the spaces in between public and private zones. They influence how we move through a building, whether we know our neighbours and how we perceive architecture outside our apartment. Many architects strive for strong in-between zones. Trying to bring the local community closer together is their main goal. The elements, forms, and spaces they create is analysed with the “Stadterle”, a housing project in Basel by Buchner Bründler Architekten. The study looks closer at a variety of in-between zones and how they can be categorised. The analysis of everyday movement through the building of the inhabitants shows which zones are used most frequently at different times of the day thus allowing us to better understand the user behaviour within the architectural structure.


Analysis, Public/Private Zones, Healthcare

Technical University of Berlin
Supervisor: Prof. Lars Steffensen
Chair: Architecture for Health
Team: Julia Janiel