As of 2019, housing costs in European cities like London, Amsterdam and Munich are on the constant rise. Thus, people from the lower and middle class are forced to move to cheaper rural areas. As an attempt to maintain social diversity in the inner city of Munich, this design of a large apartment building tries to create high-quality living spaces for a broad sector of society. The design follows the trend to create apartments on top of mostly single-storey supermarkets as a way to redensify the inner city. To create maximum density, the building connects to the existing structures on the north and east side. Courtyards are used as in-between zones connecting private apartments and green spaces. The building is based on two design strategies: Uplifting the structure by half a level – creating a “Hochparterre” – as well as developing a timber construction and façade that fits into the landmarked context.

Residential, Timber Construction, Urban

Technical University of Munich
Supervisor: Prof. Hermann Kaufmann
Chair: Design and Timber Construction
Team: Florian Hirschel