++ Auszeichnung Holzbau Visionen – Holzbau Atlas Berlin-Brandenburg ++

++ Shortlist Heinze Architekten Award – Nachwuchsarbeit ++

The inner-city timber factory “Tømmertank” (Norwegian: timber tank) is located in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Since the 1970s, the industrial site, which covers more than 20,000 square metres, has been used to store fuel in ten massive steel tanks. We decided to dedicate the inner-city space to timber construction.

Wood frame components, cross-laminated timber boards and wood modules are produced in five halls. Delivery and dispatch facilities for untreated wood are located in the north. A prototyping area in the south sets the framework for future technologies in the timber construction sector. The five volumes are connected by a central transport axis. The rafter truss spans 30 metres wide. The angled roof structure allows light from the north to penetrate the production facilities and to generate electricity via solar panels. Apart from the concrete foundation, the entire structure is made of wood. Adjacent to the production halls, a public park is dedicated to sports. The green space remodels the footprints of the former fuel tanks hinting at the industrial history of the site.

Timber Construction, Factory, Industrial Site

Technical University of Berlin
Supervisor: Prof. Jacob van Rijs
Chair: Design and Construction
Team: Thalia Budin, Caro Gruhn