Learning ways of reading our built environment to decipher the complex interrelationships of urban systems form the basis for a design development of urban contexts. The Trendbook is a tool for a new methodological approach to understand the ways of reading urban spaces. It offers the necessary broad perspective to first accept, depict and process the complexity of urban tasks in order to be able to work on them constructively for a subsequent design approach.

A framework theme that has emerged from a specific task forms the basis of this Trendbook. It is not the deliberate reduction of the complexity of a topic and thus the focus on an isolated and thus pointed question in order to arrive at findings in a clear system of rules, but working with and in complexity that forms the basis for a broad, fanned-out discussion. As a collection, the Trend Book compiles relevant aspects and approaches, discusses references and links and seeks inspiration for the discourse of urban development from related fields, other disciplines and everyday life. The resulting, deliberately curated overview opens up the open perspectives that I believe are necessary and thus required. At the same time, however, it also creates the basis for arriving at precise questions for further discussion in the context of my research.


Research, Design Process, Sketch

Technical University of Berlin
Supervisor: Prof. Stephanie Bürkle
Chair: Visual Arts